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Tools We Use: Logitech’s Android Tablet Keyboard

You may have noticed by reading Thedroidguy lately, when talking about tablets I’m big on one thing and that is productivity.  Functionality goes hand in hand with productivity.  I want my tablet experience to be fun and entertaining but most of all I’m going to use it as an everyday tool, especially to assist me with the many tasks of Thedroidguy.

Fitting with my theme of productivity and functionality I was on the hunt for the best bluetooth keyboard for a multiple Android tablet user.  We’ve tested many tablets and I personally own three which have three distinctly different functions in my life.  Consequently all three tablets fit comfortably in my Targus city bag that’s tablet sized (a real man’s man purse) but that’s for another review later this week.

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One of the keyboards I like the most is the Samsung Galaxy Tab docking keyboard. The problem is, it’s for the Samsung Galaxy Tab which I use for entertainment, not productivity. I realize most folks will only own one tablet at a time and if it’s the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 go read another story because for the Samsung Galaxy Tab single tablet owners, I highly recommend it.

Now back to tools we use…

Logitech has come out with an awesome, ergonomically designed keyboard that slides into it’s own case.  What’s even more interesting (and functional) is that the case folds open to create a stand for the tablet that your working on. Since the tablet stand and the keyboard are in two separate pieces, if the keyboard slides, the tablet remains in place.

The keyboard is very light weight. I couldn’t easily find the exact weight online but trust me it’s lighter than the tablet and it works great with your feet propped up on the hotel desk and the keyboard at waist level. In fact the BlueTooth works up to 30 feet (actually a lot farther we tested around 100 feet) so again the fact that the stand and the keyboard are separate is a big huge win.

The stand allows for portrait or landscape view.  When writing a story, email or working on my book I prefer to use the tablet in landscape mode, however it does work perfectly in portrait mode as well.

The keys feel great to type on, they aren’t clunky or springy like some other blue tooth keyboards. They also dont feel extremely flat which is why I don’t like the Motorola bluetooth keyboards.  Some of our readers probably prefer a silicon keyboard, which is fine, but the keys on the Logitech keyboard just glide and it means you can type fast.

And then there’s the bonus media functionality.  Just like your laptop keyboard, the Logitech Android Tablet keyboard features play, pause, forward, back and volume up and down buttons so you can control your media while you’re working, and do it from a distance.

The final thing that sets the Logitech Tablet keyboard apart from the others is the stand folds back up into a case.  Now this may seem trivial to you but for someone who travels 200+ days a year and sleeps more nights a year in a hotel than at home this is a great feature. In the short time that Android Honeycomb tablets have been available I’ve managed to snap letters off three different keyboards (two Motorola and a different Logitech Keyboard) by throwing the keyboard into my gear bag.

The case keeps the keyboard protected and covered and fits snuggly over the entire keyboard. No more broken keys from being in my gear bag.  It also fits in that Targus City bag we’ll talk about later which is an added plus.

You can find the Logitech Android Tablet Keyboard at your local retailer and online. We’ve seen it new as low as $50 but the MSRP is $69.99 which is about the same thing you’ll pay for keyboards from other manufacturers and they don’t have the groovy case.

Want one, you can pick it up right here for just $55.01

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