Tools We Use: Accell’s Power Squid

Although some find it funny, every time we travel to an event my gear bag contains 2 power strips. I’ve also found over the years that it’s just easier to plug in powerstrips wherever I feel like it instead of tracking down 15 event coordinators to tell me where to set up.  Since I always have power (and internet) a lot of my colleagues know that if they need an outlet, thedroidguy is their man…

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This is a little different. The Accell Power Squid is something that we use in the office. Now I can’t, in good conscious tell you how many things are plugged into the Power Squid because it’s probably a lot more than there should be, however that’s what’s so great about it.

The Power Squid takes the traditional power strip idea and makes it so much more functional.  It has 5 heavy duty three prong outlets coming off the main plug.  The Power Squid has a surge protector (which in our office is very important).

With the various sized wall wart power plugs, computer cords, printer cords etc having different shapes, it’s hard to get them on one power strip even if it’s just 4 or 5. The Power Squid fixes that. It features 5 “arms” and a 3 foot power cord, making plugging it in behind the desk a breeze.

The Power Squid with surge protector also has a noise reduction filter, eliminating buzz from dirty power lines.

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