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The Weather Channel App Adds Ads And Offers Exclusive Content To Verizon Wireless Subscribers

One of the most popular Android apps ever is the Weather Channel app. It is of course the most popular Android app and comes bundled on a lot of Android devices.

The original version of The Weather Channel app offers the user a comprehensive look at their local weather including a current weather, hour by hour, 10 day forecast etc. It also allows you to have multiple locations selected so you can see the weather in other areas which is great for trip planning.

The Weather Channel has just recently uploaded a new ad supported version of the app which has a newly enhanced User Interface (UI) more international language support and access to The Weather Channel’s IWitness Weather.  The new version of The Weather Channel app is available for download in the Android Market.

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Verizon Wireless and The Weather Channel have teamed up to offer even more content on the version of The Weather Channel app available in the V-Cast store.  Through the end of the year, Verizon customers can download a version of The Weather Channel app that includes Tru Point Maps and near HD quality video.  You need to have a 4G/LTE device to get these features.

The New UI in both version features UI enhancements which include:

– easier navigation between main weather screeens
– easy access to maps
– support for landscape mode
– deletion of confirmation box for exiting app

The new IWitness Weather feature includes:
– access to user generated data
– the ability to upload pictures and share weather info
– the ability to upload videos

Finally, The Weather Channel version 3.2 also includes bug fixes and support for both French and Spanish

Source: NewsOnNews

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