Texting in Philly, City of “Brother Loves To Give Out Tickets”

I need to preface this story, I love my city, it is an amazing city. We also have a Parking Authority which is now infamous, as well as a police force that is already stretched too thin.

So while watching a natioanal newscast tonight i found myself somewhat stunned to hear that the city had enacted a law banning you from texting and operating a vehicle WALKING!

Apparently the law was passed earlier this year and went in to effect this month. Philadelphia tends to be fair when it comes to newly effective laws, letting people have anywhere between 30-90 days to become educated and aware of laws before enforcement. But beginning in August if you are on a public sidewalk or city street, they will begin to hand out tickets.

The fine is steep though, ONE HUNDRED AND FORTY dollars. $140, for risking only your life, I am aware that it could POSSIBLY lead to another person being hurt or killed by texting and walking but the odds are miniscule compared to texting and driving.  Personally have absolutely no complaint regarding fines for texting and driving. I have been known to text and drive a time or two, and it is a very poor decision on my part.
Texting and walking is a bit of a stretch for me, as an individual, and as a resident in the Greater Philadelphia region I find this to be a huge waste of the City’s time, money, and resourses.

There is only one location in all of Philadelphia that I truly hate, Philadelphia Traffic Court.  If there were ever a place that could break a man or woman’s soul, it is this god forsaken place.  I would prefer to pay $140, $280, even $560 to avoid Philadelphia Traffic Court.  You can be certain that you will be heading here to deal with your WALKING violations.

Ticket Image courtesy: WHYY

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  1. i read that they aren’t actually ticketing people who text while walking, that it was just a rumor.

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