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TDG LIVE: FunMobility Gets FunChatty At MobileBeat

Fun Mobility's Funchat girls at the GamesBeat/MobileBeat conference in San Francisco

We are in San Francisco today and tomorrow for VentureBeat’s MobileBeat and GamesBeat conference at the Palace Hotel.  Our good friends at FunMobility are on hand today to show off their cross platform FunChat.

Funchat isn’t just a chat application it’s the world’s first cross platform environment blending chat, multi player gaming, HTML5 gaming and virtual goods.  The FunChat Mobile Engagement Platform allows developers to develop for one environment and have their game go cross platform.

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For users FunChat is chock full of fun ways to use your device and interact with your friends. Fun Chat allows you to chat with one person or in a group setting in fun “chat bubbles” then you can take those same friends and play a game together or play with new ones.

FunMobility is no stranger to the mobile space they began as one of the top vendors for ringtones on Verizon Wireless.  Today at the Gamesbeat conference they announced that they are teaming with the FreeAppADay Community to produce an app for iPhone. Currently the FAAD pushes out a free app a day to over 5 million IOS users.

FunMobility has also told us they have some exciting Android news coming very soon.

FunMobility is the sponsor of the FunMobility bus at the Androidhomecoming taking people from the Android Homecoming event to the Big Android Barbecue in Austin Texas.

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