TDG LIVE: ComicCon 2011: Mimoco Debuts MimoBlotz Hello Kitty Blind Box USB Flash Drives

Mimoco is the company that’s merging the latest from the pop art world with the functionality of USB flash drives with their collectible MimoBots.  A Mimobot is a USB flash drive designed to look like our favorite pop art characters.

Based on your favorite Star Wars, Transformers, Anime and Comic Book characters, Mimobots puts a really fun twist on traditional removable storage. Not only that but since their introduction in 2005 Mimobots have been a highly collectible staple of the uber chic geek.  Well in addition to CES, CE Week NY and other consumer electronics shows, they find themselves smack dab at the heart of ComicCon this year.

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Mimoco reveals the first Hello Kitty Mimo Blotz To At ComicCon 2011

While their website talks about seeing new releases and promises plenty of cool announcements from the Boston based Mimoco, Thedroidguy’s Managing Editor Allie Fox and writer Kacie Janey got a sneak peak at their new blind box Hello Kitty set called Blotz which are blind box USB flash drives. When you buy a Hello Kitty Blotz you don’t know which design you’re going to get.  There are 11 designs to choose from.

Each Mimo Bot (and Blotz in this case) is a standard USB 2.0 2gb flash drive. Mimoco even makes “hoods” for your Mimobot which insures that they don’t get cold, oh yeah, and you don’t loose them!