TDG Live: Comiccon 2011: Battle Bears Teams Up With FunChat

Battle Bears Booth At ComicCon 2011 photo: TDG LLC 2011

San Diego-CA Ben Vu one of the founders of SkyVu, the creators of the Battle Bears franchise, is showing off the Battle Bears at ComicCon 2011. Not only that but Vu had an exciting announcement.

SkyVu is partnering with FunMobility and their FunChat platform to debut new avatars and themes for FunChat surrounded by the highly popular Battle Bears. Don’t let these cuddly bears full you because in Battle Bears 1 and Battle Bears Zombies they are packed to the hilt with the heaviest artillery.  You’d think the Battle Bears were brought up on some compound in no mans land.

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“The Battle Bears mobile games series has skyrocketed in popularity over the past year with over eleven million downloads,” said Adam Lavine, CEO of FunMobility. “Our partnership with SkyVu is yet another example of our commitment to establish relationships with premier entertainment companies, and to deliver new and exciting content to our FunChat users.”

Battle Bears games are action packed animated shooters that become addicting fast. Both are available in the Android Market here

“Partnering with FunMobility provides us with instant access to a wider audience and gives our loyal players additional value as well,” said Ben Vu, CEO and co-founder of SkyVu. “The integration of BATTLE BEARS content into the FunChat app enables our fans to interact with BATTLE BEARS themed content in a fun way, and further increases awareness of the BATTLE BEARS brand around the world.”

Now when FunChat users want to take a break from their favorite Battle Bears games and chat or play group games with friends on FunChat they can carry their favorite characters over from Battle Bears.  What you aren’t using the addictive FunChat go to the Android Market and download it now here

FunChat allows you to chat with friends either one on one or in a party chat, you can also participate in online games. FunChat gives developers the opportunity to build one game and play it over multiple platforms.

FunChat recently announced a partnership with the folks at Half Brick Studios the creators of Fruit Ninja to also offer Fruit Ninja themes and avatars for your FunChat experience.

Source: FunMobility