T-Mobile Offering New Caller ID Service Called Name ID

T-Mobile is now offering a new caller ID service called Name ID.  The service is available to T-Mobile customers with the Samsung Exhibit 4G and the upcoming T-Mobile MyTouch 4G Slide.

Name ID was developed by a company called Cequint which is a subsidiary of Transaction Network Services which manages an operator validated list of names and phone numbers. The service works the way traditional caller ID service worked back when it was introduced on landlines. T-Mobile is hoping the service will catch on, by helping to provide name and number information for incoming calls that aren’t already in a users contacts.

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NameID is pretty simple, when a call comes in it pings the database then provides the name and number associated with that phone number on your device.  If NameID provides information to your phone for a contact not already stored you can opt to store that information as a contact as well.There are a couple of caveats with NameID though. The first one being that Verizon Wireless does not disclose that information to anyone (points for Verizon there).  Also for the hundreds of thousands of cell phone users who use company phones you’ll only see the company name on the device.  Also at this day and age we would imagine there is some kind of opt out.

NameID will definitely have value to some T-Mobile customers however value comes with a price and after the initial 10 day trial it’s $3.99 per month.

A viable alternative is to use the Free Google Voice service that audibly screens calls prior to connection.

Source: Reuters