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Study: Consumers Want An Amazon Tablet

Amazon is one of the most trusted consumer based online sites in the world. People are comfortable with Amazon, their website and their Kindle e-reader apps and devices.  Earlier this year we reported on Amazon’s upcoming tablets, the Coyote and the Hollywood.  As the launch of these tablets get closer everyone is talking about them.

The folks at the infographic, research loving Retrevo have just published data suggesting that consumers want to purchase an Amazon tablet, if it’s cheap. In a study of 1000 consumers, conducted in June, Retrevo found out about consumers tablet buying intentions.  According to the study 50% of those polled were interested in an iPad. They broke down the rest of the data to see what types of tablets consumers want, what features they desire and what manufacturers they would purchase from.

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As far as manufacturers go, an overwhelming 55% of those surveyed said they would purchase a tablet made by Amazon.  Well Android fans are in luck because the upcoming Amazon tablets are running on the Android operating system.  Amazon plans on offering two different Android tablets. The first tablet, code named “Coyote” is said to have pretty good specs and a dual core processor.  The Hollywood on the other hand, goes over the top with a quad-core processor.

Amazon will build their tablet around the Android Operating System and offer access to their own proprietary services including their Kindle e-book service, cloud based music service and Amazon Android app store. Although there hasn’t been any pricing speculation, according to the Retrevo study if it comes in at less than $250 it could be a big winner, but that’s not likely.  However if they could introduce the “Coyote” at under $300 and the “Hollywood” under $400 Amazon could have a big win.

The most disturbing piece of data from the Retrevo study is that consumers trivialize the value in an Android tablet. Most respondents said they would consider a tablet outside of an iPad, based on price.  Google and the OEM’s in the eco-system need to make a better effort at placing a value in the features, advantages and benefits of an Android tablet.

Source: Retrevo via BGR

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