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Sprint’s New Ad Campaign Touts Truly Unlimited, Unlimited

When Verizon Wireless switched to tiered data on July 7th we knew it was a matter of time before one of the other wireless carriers jumped on them.  The problem is AT&T couldn’t because, like Verizon Wireless, they too offer tiered data.  T-Mobile may try to pass off a poke at Verizon however they have an unlimited data threshold that once crossed they throttle the user’s data.

Sprint has produced this new commercial which clearly explains to customers the difference between Sprint’s unlimited and everyone elses.  Sprint still keeps their phone customers unlimited, truly unlimited.

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You may remember last summer when the Evo 4G was released Sprint instituted a 4G data fee of $10.  After a high level of scrutiny from customers who purchased the Evo 4G in 3G only areas. In January Sprint changed the $10 fee to a “smartphone data” fee and issued it across all of their smartphones.

Now, even with the extra $10 for smartphones, their unlimited value proposition is a better value than the tiered data on AT&T and  Verizon.  On the smartphone side Sprint doesn’t differentiate between 3G and 4G either so if you are in one of their WiMax areas you get the absolute best value for your unlimited cell phone dollars.

With Sprint’s MiFi devices, like the Overdrive, they do cap the 3G data a 5gb however 4G/WiMax is truly unlimited.

Sprint is currently the third largest carrier in the country. They have taken a strong opposition to the AT&T/T-Mobile merger, however if they can continue to market themselves as truly unlimited, with an excellent portfolio of devices, they have a good chance of attracting more value conscious customers who want the latest technology.

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