Sprint’s Motorola Titanium Just Got More Business Friendly

The new Motorola Titanium on Sprint may not be the most Android enthusiast friendly phone.  It was released with Froyo, an outdated version of Android, and Android enthusiasts may turn their noses at it. However it’s designed for Nextel with business in mind.

The folks at Companion Link recognized that the target on the Titanium was work force, that’s why they’ve optimized the Companion Link app for the Motorola Titanium.

Companion Link offers the user to sync many of the top rated CRM/PIM services with their Motorola Titanium. They support Outlook, Lotus Notes, ACT!, Palm Desktop, GroupWise, SalesForce and Highrise.

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Companion link also supports a host of add-ins like Franklin Covey Plans Plus for Outlook, Getting Things Done, Take Back Your Life and Avidian Prophet.  Companion Link’s sync services allow the user to sync their contacts, calendars, tasks and memos from their CRM directly to their Motorola Titanium.

Companion Link’s robust capabilities don’t run cheap. The app itself is $49.95 however it’s true enterprise class software for on the go executives. In addition to all the supported platforms Companion Link also allows you to sync wirelessly via Google, wired, and securely, whichever way you prefer.

While Companion Link just announced Motorola Titanium support, their Android version works with most newer Android devices.

source: Companion Link