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Speculation Mounts About Delays On US Launch Of Samsung Galaxy S II

When JK Shin released the Samsung Galaxy S II at Samsung Unpacked in Barcelona this past February, many doubted that the device would do as well as it has.  According to Samsung they sold 3 million Samsung Galaxy S II devices in 55 days and before even hitting the United States.

Today, many sites are starting to speculate on why the device hasn’t hit local shores. Take this barely readable article at OSM, Debbie Turner has somehow turned a quote from a Samsung Executive “Negotiations with American telecom companies have dragged on.” and turned it into “Galaxy S2 US Release Delay, Not So Appealing To Samsung”.  Well no little Debbie the executive clearly said that negotiations with American telecom companies have dragged on.  Are you not familiar with how difficult our beloved American carriers can be?

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Take the Samsung Galaxy Tab launch for instance.  Just prior to the launch event in New York City some of us were given an embargoed press release about the Galaxy Tab launch and the carriers.  The original draft, sent just hours before the big party included just 2 carriers.  A couple of hours later all 4 had finally been negotiated.

Multi carrier phone releases are  a novel idea and happen every day in Europe and Asia however in the United States this practice isn’t so welcomed. It’s great for the consumer but a headache for OEM’s to have to hash out these deals and what carrier can have what as a special feature, or a cool new name.  Not to mention the fact that a US multi-carrier phone launch includes both GSM and CDMA carriers and on the 4G side, HSPA+, WiMax and 4G/LTE.

And does anyone else remember how sloppy the Galaxy S roll out was?  AT&T announced that the Samsung Captivate would be the first Galaxy S phone in the United States with a July 18, 2010 release day. T-Mobile quickly one upped AT&T by releasing the Samsung Vibrant on July 15th with nothing more than in-store printed signage.  The 15th was consequently the same release day as the Motorola Droid X.

So it’s this cut throat nature of the 4 major US carriers, coupled with the fact that they all use different technology that is delaying the release of the Samsung Galaxy S II in the United States.  Chances are we will see an official announcement by the end of July.

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