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Silly iPhone Fan 4G Is For Android

This graphic from Retrevo shows the number of people by OS who think they have a 4G phone

Wow this is interesting..

In a study called the Retrevo Gadgetology Report it was revealed that 1/3 of the iPhone users polled thought their iPhone had 4G. The logic behind that is because the previous model of the iPhone was the 3G and the 3Gs, naturally the iPhone 4 even without the G, is still 4G.

Although both US carriers that sell Apple’s iPhone, have some form of a 4G network there is currently no 4G iPhone. There is also a lot of speculation that the next iPhone, presumed to be released in September, will also only be 3G.

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The Retrevo study also found that 24% of Blackberry owners thought they were on 4G.  RIM does not currently offer a Blackberry device with 4G (although today they announced they were releasing 7 new Blackberry’s).  The study goes on to say that Android owners may possibly be confused, however there are several 4G Android devices out there.

Last year identifying exactly what 4G is was a hot button topic.  The ITU (International Telecommunications Union, part of the United Nations) had a very tight definition of 4G prior to last year. According to their previous standards none of America’s 4G platforms was actually 4G.  Buckling under pressure the ITU reconsidered their definition permitting WiMax, HSPA+ and LTE to carry the banner 4G.  It seems that this didn’t help because consumer confusion is rampant when it comes to 4G.

The graphic at the top of this story shows how many people, by operating system, think they have a 4G phone. Again the only one that can be close to correct is Android.

Source: Retrevo via Phonearena

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