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Samsung To Pass Apple And Nokia?

Boston based wireless industry research firm Strategy Analytics is predicting that Samsung may have passed both Nokia and Apple in smaartphone sales this past quarter. Although Samsung’s Q2 results aren’t in Stategy Analytics predicts that Samsung has sold between 18 million and 21 million smartphones.  Even on the smaller side (18 million) that still puts Samsung ahead of Nokia.  If the numbers fall on the higher side that will uproot the beloved iPhone as well.

“Apple, Samsung and Nokia are in a close three-way battle,” said Neil Mawston of Strategy Analytics in an email to Bloomberg’s Jun Yang. “Samsung’s Android portfolio is selling strongly in most regions. Samsung and Apple will be at similar levels in smartphones by the end of the year.”

Mawston went on to suggest that with their entire portfolio of wireless phones Samsung may see 20 percent of the entire market share.  Nokia is still the top producer of wireless phones in the world with 26% of the market share, Samsung is it’s closest rival, all phones considered.

source: Bloomberg

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