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Samsung Invests In Swype Again

If you were ever wondering why the Samsung phones get Swype here’s why…

Swype, one of our favorite Android alternative keyboards, has announced that they’ve received an additional $6 million in funding.  Samsung Ventures and Nokia Growth Partners headed this round of financing. It’s no secret that Samsung’s earlier investment in Swype paid off as Swype was offered on most of their smartphones this year.

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For those living under a boulder in the desert, Swype is a keyboard that allows you to glide your finger and connect letters to form words across your Android screen.  Swype for tablets is currently in Beta and offers an even easier experience for getting text input onto your deviec quicker.  Currently, the only competition for Swype comes from Nuanc’s Flex T9 keyboard.

Swype has announced that they plan on using this round of funding to expand internationally and also expand upon the portfolio of devices already supporting Swype.  Swype founder Cliff Kushler is hoping to see Swype on 100 million connected devices by the end of the year.  In addition to Android phones and other smartphones, Kushler is hoping Swype will make it onto car stereo head units, video game controllers and other smart connected devices.

Before Swype Kushler was known as one of the founding fathers of Flex T9, an input short hand language used by “Dumb phones” at the beginning of the decade.

Source: Via Nibletz

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