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Samsung Galaxy S II Sign Up Page Is Live

Writing about Android for the past few years we’ve used the words “most sought after” together to describe a device many many times. After all, when you look at it, at the time of release, a lot of Android hardware is nothing less than incredible.  We are all doing things with our phones today that two years ago would have been some magic stuff you’d see on 24.

In fact does anyone remember back to the first season of 24 when Jack Bauer walked down the halls on a video conference call? Yup, you can do that now with Android and iOS (of course Android was first).  Sure Michael Knight used to talk to Devin on a tv in KITT but it looked so fake…

So as the features get better, phones get thinner, lighter and more feature packed, each phone, and the next phone seems to become the “most sought after” Android device.

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We’d be lying to you if we didn’t say the same was true for the Samsung Galaxy S II.  Back at Mobile World Congress when Kim Titus and JK Shin stood on stage and unveiled the Samsung Galaxy S II at Samsung’s “Unpacked” event, it looked great.  As it started to release across the world it looked even better. We started to realize that Shin wasn’t playing.

Add to that the fact that Samsung’s developers group actually send the Samsung Galaxy S II to members of the Cyanogen team in front of the release and you have a recipe to print money.  Think about that move for a second, it will probably go down in history as the best marketing move in 2011. Get the phone to Cyanogen so CM runs on the Galaxy S II out of the gate for their largest, North American based audience… ya see what they’ve done there.

So I am pretty confident if you go back through our posts in the last few weeks there’s been more Samsung Galaxy S II stories than any other topic. In fact the Samsung Galaxy S II has become the Rupert Murdoch of the Android tech scene (if you don’t know what I’m talking about you’re reading WAY TOO MUCH Android news).  If you missed it here’s a quick recap:

Samsung Attain hits FCC (late last night)

Galaxy S II sells 5 million in 85 days (yesterday)

Verizon Wireless Twitter Flubs Up Samsung Galax S II 4G News

Thedroidguy Unboxes The Samsung Galaxy S II Box

And many many more, if you want to see for yourself just hit this link

So now we’re getting closer and closer to an August launch that was announced informally by Samsung Mobile Head JK Shin.  Another big sign that we’re close, Samsung has posted the sign up page for the Samsung Galaxy S II on their website.  Go sign up right now to get information from the horses mouth.

Source: Pocketnow Unwired

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