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Samsung Galaxy S II Page Has T-Mobile, Cellular South, US Celluar, And Metro PCS In Drop Down

All of the rumors coming out about the Samsung Galaxy S II have featured Sprint, AT&T and Verizon Wireless. It’s been reported that either T-Mobile wouldn’t get the Samsung Galaxy S II at the time of launch, or T-Mobile would get it’s own totally different variant, possibly the Hercules.

There are a couple of reasons that this was believed to be the case for T-Mobile. Theory one is that T-Mobile was being left out of the initial release because they received the Samsung Galaxy S 4G midway through the original Samsung Galaxy S cycle.  The other theory was that T-Mobile was being “punished” for jumping the gun and releasing the Vibrant a few days before the AT&T Captivate.

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Samsung and the US carriers had devised a release strategy last year that included AT&T’s Captivate releasing first, T-Mobile was to release the Vibrant second however at the last minute T-Mobile announced an earlier release and used computer printed signage at their stores to announce the launch. The launch didn’t look very well and it was also the same day Motorola and Verizon had released the original Droid X.

Release dates aside, the Samsung Galaxy S II information page includes AT&T, Verizon Wireless, Sprint, Metro PCS, US Cellular, Cellular South, and T-Mobile .   This could be based on the carriers of the original Galaxy S, or these are all the carriers that will receive the Samsung Galaxy S II at some point after launch.

Source: Samsung via Tmonews

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