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Samsung Charges Up National Airport Just In Time For The Holiday Rush

If you travel a lot by plane in the United States than you’ve probably charged your phone at one of Samsung’s over 400 charging stations in the 12 largest airports in the country.

Well Samsung announced last week just before the holiday weekend began that it has redesigned their charging stations. The new charging stations include 6 120v (AC) outlets and two usb outlets per side.  This allows up to 8 phones and devices to charge at the same time while you’re waiting for your next flight.

The new charging stations also include a monitor that shows news content, entertainment and flight schedule information.  Samsung has installed 20 of the new charging stations at Reagan National Airport in DC.

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“Samsung Mobile is excited to bring 20 new mobile charging stations to Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, said Dale Sohn, president of Samsung Mobile . “Travelers rely on their mobile devices everyday to stay connected to work and their family. The redesigned charging stations offer travelers a variety of new features to ensure they stay connected on-the-road.”

Samsung has revamped their marketing efforts to business travelers. Last month it was announced that Samsung announced they were providing 6000 Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1’s to American Airlines for trans-atlantic and trans-continental flights in premium classes.  There Tabs will be used in premium seating sections.

Samsung Mobile has their charging stations installed in 12 of the nation’s busiest airports, 20 of the nations largest college campuses, the Las Vegas Convention Center and the Mall of America.

source: Samsung

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