Introducing The TDG PrizeLine: Slacker Radio Premium

Introducing The TDG PrizeLine by Thedroidguy
Wow this is going to be fun.  Just like the old days when you had to hover around your radio late at night when your parents had gone to bed to win the latest cassette, cd, t-shirt or concert ticket… Well those days are back with the all new TDG prizeline.

Watch our twitter feed @thedroidguy for your tweet to call the TDG prizeline. Make sure you’re also watching the website and the TDG Prizeline page to see what the rules are for that particular prizeline contest.

We’ve got a handful of Slacker Radio Premium subscriptions to give away and what better way to introduce a contesting tool we stole from my radio days than with Slacker Radio.

Here’s how this contest works:

-Make sure your following @slacker and @thedroidguy

Tweet the following message:

“I follow @slacker & @thedroidguy I’m waiting for the tweet to call the TDG Prizeline and win free slacker premium”

Then when you see the tweet to call the TDG Prizeline call 815-200-1051, that’s 815-200-1051. Be the 10th (tenth) voice mail message on the prizeline and you’ll win it’s that easy.

When you leave your message make sure youre excited and you say your first name, city state and that you want slacker radio.  Make sure at the end of the message you clearly leave your email address.

When you see the tweet to call, call recklessly and goodluck from Thedroidguy and Slacker Radio

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