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Nitako Brings Their iPhone Hit Physics Puzzle Game, Save Toshi, To Android

Picture Dance Dance Revolution and Angry Birds meshed into one and set in an almost anime like universe, are you with me yet? Well that’s what Save Toshi is like, except it’s 3D.

Save Toshi has racked up over 1 million downloads for iPhone and rose to #7 in their clouded puzzle game category.  Save Toshi is centered around pop star Toshi, and every time she dances on one of the 3D blocks she kills one of the demons that has held her captive and made her forget how to walk. Toshi must dance, dance dance, to get free from her captors and save the world.  That’s an impressive feat for an Android game.

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There is also a strategic physics element to the dance moves that Toshi performs via gestures on your Android phone. If you get the moves right the demons die quicker.

The Android version of Save Toshi is free and includes a 20 level pack.  Players can get more levels by utilizing Tap Joy’s in-app offer wall or paying $1.99 via Google’s in-app payments on Android.

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