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New Motorola Android Tablet Headed To Verizon

A new Motorola tablet has crossed the desks at the FCC and won approval for it’s Wi-Fi, BlueTooth, CDMA and 4g/LTE radios.  According to documents filed with the FCC this mystery tablet has the FCC ID IHDP56LU2 and it’s a little longer and shorter than the original Motorola Xoom.

This could be the tablet that was leaked a few weeks back in a Verizon commercial that was uploaded to Youtube and then quickly made private.

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Current Motorola Xoom owners may be upset over the fact this new tablet is coming out so soon. To that we say get over it with the rate that not only Motorola is producing devices but Samsung and HTC as well.  However, those Xoom owners with the 3G edition do have the right to be upset over the fact that their tablets have not been upgraded to 4G/LTE yet, a selling point announced at CES 20111 back in January.

It was reported back in January that during the first have of 2011 Xoom 3G owners would be able to mail their Xooms into Motorola by way of an overnight carrier and get the upgraded 4G/LTE radio installed free of charge. However the first half of the year has now officially ended and no update for the original Xoom is in sight.

No other details of the “Xoom 2” are available except the fact that it comes with the 4G/LTE radio already installed.  The Motorola Xoom was supposed to be the first 4G/LTE powered tablet however it appears that the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 4G/LTE may ship before this “Xoom 2” and before the Motorola Xoom 3G owners see their upgrade.

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