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Netflix Works On HTC Evo 3D As Well

As if you didn’t already have a bad ass phone… We’re glad to report, by way of our friends at Gizmocrunch, that the NetFlix APK for the HTC Evo 4G works on the brand new HTC Evo 3D as well. Of course it should be compatible because both phones are made by HTC and both have SnapDragon processors.¬† Add in the 4g “WiMax” to the mix and you have a blazing fast NetFlix experience.

Netflix was one of the most sought after applications to come to Android and when it did it disappointed many as they limited the release to the LG Revolution and a handful of HTC Android devices with a Qualcomm SnapDragon processor. Thank goodness someone had the sense to try the Evo 4G apk with an Evo 3D.

When their public files aren’t too busy you can get the working apk here

source: Gizmocrunch

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