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Motorola Xoom WiFi Just $499 With Free Case Direct From Motorola

The iconic Motorola Xoom was the first Android Honeycomb tablet released to market.  It was the flagship for Android 3.0.  Many thought it was at least $100 too expensive. Will fear not, Motorola has reduced the cost of the WiFi Xoom to just $499 at and not only will you get the Xoom tablet for $499 you’ll also get a free leather case.

Aside from the weight, the non-functioning SD card slot at roll out and the pricing (which is fixed with this news) the Motorola Xoom is a great tablet.  Some may actually like the weight and feel of it. It definitely feels sturdy.  The hardware is great.  For more on the Motorola Xoom click here

Motorola is set to release the 4G update for the original 3G xoom any day now. You can pick up the 3G version on contract with Verizon for $599 and off contract at $799.

What are you waiting for go here now and get it!

Source: AndroidCommunity

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