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Motorola Has Aggressive Plans For 4G/LTE The Rest Of The Year

It may seem like we’ve been waiting forever for the Motorola Droid Bionic and the 4G/LTE upgrade for the Motorola Xoom tablet.  In their second quarter earnings call Motorola Mobility CEO, Sanjay Jha acknowledged these delays.  At the same time he revealed some interesting things.

Jha said on the call that Motorola Mobility will upgrade the existing 3G Motorola Xoom tablets to 4G/LTE in September. He also said that they will introduce two new 4G/LTE tablets before the end of the year.

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It was also revealed during the call that Motorola sold 440,000 Xoom tablets in the second quarter. That is of course a mix of both 3G tablets and wifi only tablets.  Later in the call Motorola President Dan Moloney said that we should expect the sales of the Motorola Xoom to ramp down as they shift the portfolio. Again a signal that they plan for at least one of these two new 4G/LTE tablets to replace the existing Motorola Xoom.

Jha said that they will have 5 4G/LTE devices in the market place by the end of the year.  Jha indicated that they will have 2 4G/LTE devices in the third quarter (the Xoom and Bionic) and will introduce 3 more LTE devices.  Jha was very careful not to say Verizon Wireless when talking about these additional three devices, lending to speculation that they may be offering a 4G/LTE device, or two, on AT&T.

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