Mobile Banking Phishing Malware Comes To Android, Removed From Market

The international cybercrime ring known as Zbot or ZeuS and the creators of the Zeus toolkit are back, this time targeting Android users.  The ZeuS toolkit is bank information stealing malware that has already come to Symbian, Windows Mobile and Blackberry in the form of a trojan.  The ZeuS team has created a survey form that installs a malware into your phone once you take the survey that is supposedly from a security company called Trusteer.

Once the malware is on your Android device it then listens for incoming text messages that banks and other services use to validate user passwords. These text messages are sent out to a remote server where they are harvested and then used to break into people’s bank accounts.

Mobile security expert Dennis Maslennikov of Kaspersky labs tells pcmag that the Android version of ZeuS or Zbot, is a lot more primitive than the ones that hit the other operating systems. He also noted that it has been removed from the Android market.  To be on the safe side though make sure you don’t respond to the survey above and use a mobile security suite like Lookout on your Android device.

Source: PC Mag

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