Lock Out Over, Verizon Wireless Is Ready For Some Football

Over the course of this summer the folks in charge of Verizon Wireless’ NFL Mobile app have been biting their nails hoping that the NFL Player’s Association could come to a labor agreement and that there would be a football season this year. Now that the lockout is ending and NFL players nationwide are tweeting their enthusiasm to get back to work, Verizon Wireless is ready too.

Verizon Wireless signed a lucrative $720 million dollar deal last year with the NFL at the end of Sprint’s contract.  The deal makes Verizon Wireless the exclusive wireless partner for the NFL and the feature rich NFL Mobile app.  Verizon Wireless customers from feature phone, to iPhone to Android phone can take advantage of the NFL Mobile app now that the NFL is actually going to work this year.

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NFL Mobile will cost you $10 a month but for the die hard football fan this is a drop in the bucket.  The $10 a month puts you and your Verizon Wireless phone puts you at the 50 yardline for all of your favorite teams’ games. In addition to football information overload including tracking your favorite teams and players, you also get streaming access to Sunday Night Football games, eight Thursday night games and the “Red Zone” channel. The Red Zone channel gives you real time video when NFL teams near the goal line.

Sprint announced in March of 2010 that it did not win a rebid for the NFL contract starting with the 2010 season, that’s when Verizon took over.  Last year Sprint replaced their official NFL Mobile app with an app called “Football Live”.  Sprint is still the wireless sponsor and headline/presenting sponsor for Nascar’s main championship racing circuit, the Sprint Nextel Cup.  After decades of sponsorship from RJ Reynolds, Sprint uprooted the tobacco company as the signature sponsor and quickly made it more technically appealing to the masses. Sprint reportedly told Phonescoop at the end of the contract that they didn’t renew because it wasn’t creating a great return on investment.

Verizon’s second year as the wireless mobile sponsor of the NFL seemed shaky earlier this year when the NFL Players Association couldn’t strike a deal with NFL Team owners. That all ended today and training camps will begin as early as Wednesday.  This year Verizon Wireless is excited to offer the NFL Mobile app on most of their devices, including the Motorola Xoom and the forthcoming Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 4G/LTE

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