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Leaked Sprint Document Brings Good Android News

Our good friends (and media partner for Androidhomecoming) Brief Mobile have obtained a leaked Sprint document that contains projected release dates for new devices.  The End User Fulfillment Device Availability report appears to be legitimate and tells a nice Android story.

First up is the Samsung Conquer with a release date of August 21, 2011. We’ve already heard a great deal about this new Android device and as you can see from the document it is replacing last years Sanyo/Kyocera Zio. Although the source link says that the document identifies the Motorola Photon 4G as 7/31 it actually just says Summer 2011, although 7/31 is the date we heard as well.

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Sprint is also getting 3 new Blackberries. It’s a bit refreshing to see new RIM devices making their way to market.

On September 9, 2011 the document shows a Kyocera KYC5120 (Black). We haven’t been able to find much information on this phone however it says it’s replacing the Samsung Intercept which was an Android device released last summer, and came in two colors.  It would be a fair assumption that this Kyocera is running Android since it’s replacing an Android device.

Brief Mobile also points out that the LG Optimus Slider has disappeared from the list of upcoming devices. The rumored slider was supposed to hit in the summer of 2011 and be a midrange Android device similar to the original Optimus line with a slide out keyboard.

The only other shocker on this document is the ZTE V55 Tablet. We’re not sure of the specs on this tablet but ZTE made an announcement at MWC this year that they would be focusing on Android and on branching out to the United States.  The Sprint mole at Briefmobile is pretty good with their tips.  Unfortunately we don’t see the Samsung Galaxy S II nor the Epic 2 that was reported earlier this month on this list. Hopefully they are keeping the super goods under wraps.

Source: Brief Mobile

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