Latest Sprint Nexus S 4G Kills Tethering, Disappointing

A few weeks back we reported that the latest update to the HTC Thunderbolt, issued by Verizon Wireless, disabled the mobile hotspot feature found in the Android Operating System.

In our story “Verizon: Android Hotspot Is Not Yours To Disable” we came to the conclusion that because the wireless hotspot feature was part of Android it wasn’t Verizon’s to disable. Of course Verizon Wireless made the assertion that the mobile hotspot is data intensive, and it is. However they also took the position that free mobile hotspot was some sort of carrier promotion, which is an outright lie.  Sprint is now also saying that it was for a “limited time”. Bull Crap Sprint, and Verizon, it’s been in the operating system since 2.x.

Sprint’s latest update to the Nexus S 4G provides customers with that device, with enhanced speed and capability on Sprint’s 4G network. The Nexus S 4G was supposed to be the “Vanilla” Android experience and the follow up to the Google Nexus One. The Nexus S 4G, manufactured by Samsung, was supposed to be untouched by the carrier… not so much.

As ZDNet points out in the source piece, and many Android users know, there are several work arounds to get tethering back up, however from an official sense tethering is disabled.  The other disturbing fact is that Sprint has just embarked on a marketing campaign that highlights that they are still “unlimited”, I guess it’s disabling features like  mobile Hotspot which allow them to remain unlimited?

Source: Android Central via ZDNet