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Larry Page: Android Activating 550k A Day; 10 Million On Google Plus

Larry Page's 1st Google business card when he and Sergey Brin started searching for Venture Capital

Google’s new CEO and Co-Founder, Larry Page was on Google’s second quarter earnings call today. Most of the news was very positive and we’ll recap that later.

The biggest news was that, according to Page, Android is activating 550,000 devices per day. That’s up 50,000 devices per day from when Andy Rubin tweeted on June 28th.  That’s 3.85 million Android activations per week.  Page gave no breakdown of phones vs tablets however this rate of growth shows that Android is still very much headed in the right direction.

The other big news was that the two week old Google+, still technically in Private Beta, has eclipsed 10 million users.  Not only that but over 1 billion items have been shared in one day and the +1 button is being used 2.3 billion times a day.  Although Google+ will grow even faster when the “beta” is up, at the rate it’s currently seeing Google+ would have the 750 million users Facebook has in a little less than a year and a half (of course it’s going to be much quicker than that)

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