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Kaijuland is Coming to Android and Facebook


Normally when you think of social gaming, the first game that comes to mind is Farmville by Zynga. This game became extremely popular on Facebook and its iOS counterparts. However, farming isn’t very exciting. Zynga then released Empires & Allies which was developed to appeal to more hardcore gamers. However even that game is missing something. Monsters. Giant monsters.

Kaijuland is a social game where a player creates a Kaiju or giant beast. Similar to the old Tamagotchi by Bandai, you take care of an egg, care for it and watch it grow up. Then when it’s ready, reek havoc on your friends’ cities. You can dress your Kaiju, breed it with other Kaiju and share gifts with other players. When you breed your Kaiju, the offspring will take attributes from each parent. Also, you will create a lineage so you will be able to trace back to the original Kaiju. The whole idea of the game is to create a personal experience with the Kaiju.

The makers of Kaijuland is Kaiju Empire. This Hollywood based company plans to take this game to almost every platform possible. They’ve already scheduled a release on Facebook and hope to bring it to Android and iOS bypromo playing cards from Kaiju Empire the 4th quarter of this year. At GameBeat 2011, they were a featured showcase in the Who’s Got Game Startup Contest. They demonstrated how through a type of cloud management, a player could destroy cities on Facebook and maintain their Kaiju from the Android or iOS app. They also suggested that the game would extend to consoles like the Xbox 360. They ended up winning two awards: People’s Choice Award and the Tesla Award.

As a social gamer, I’m very excited to try this game out. And when the Android counterpart is launched, stay tuned for a review of the whole experience.

Source: TDG on location and Kaiju Empire

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