IMO.IM Android Beta Adds Group Chats is a multi network instant messaging service founded by one of the first ten employees that ever worked at Google. It’s got a host of great features that make it easy for the user to be logged into multi chat accounts in one place, with one login, and for Android, on one app. truly gives services like e-buddy and Trillian a run for their money.

More after the break has added group chat to their Android app.  The timing of this addition may seem a little suspect being that the Google+ huddle app came out just last week however the team at assures thedroidguy that they’ve been tweaking it for quite sometime.  Also, unlike huddle, you can put people from different chat services into your same group chat.  In other words, you can have a friend on AOL IM (people still use that), one on Skype and one on Yahoo (again people still use that), in the same Group chat on one app… pretty nifty. has also incorporated some other cool features into the group chat. For starters you can send photos to the group by just electing to send an attachment.  You can also send a voice instant message up to 30 seconds long to the entire group.  Also, on the mobile app any group member can invite any of their friends into the group as well. currently supports imo, MSN, Skype, Yahoo, G-Talk, Facebook, AIM, Jabber, VKontakte, MySpace and Hyves.  With their solid foundation having worked at Google we hope to see some G+ huddle integration.

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*grammar police in keeping with their logo and lettering we referred to a proper noun, as instead of got it?