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HTC Salsa In China Dumps Facebook For Weibo? Could We Get It With Google+

HTC Has changed the Facebook Button on the HTC Salsa to Weibo in China perhaps we could get it with a G+ button

When the HTC Status was released last week we had only one complaint. The complaint was that it was about 3 weeks to late to be effective for the passionate Android and Google enthusiast.  You see it was three weeks before the HTC Status “Facebook Phone” was released that Google+ was born.  Now a tremendous amount of die hard Android and Google enthusiasts are dumping Facebook for Google+.

Unwired is reporting that the HTC Status will be released in China under the name the HTC Weike and instead of Facebook as the social network of choice for the social network button, they are going with Weibo instead which is very popular in Asia. China can’t decide whether they love or hate American internet giants like Google and Facebook and Faecbook users in China have had an on again off again relationship over the past few years.

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Weibo, which is an Asian social networking service, is half Facebook and half Twitter and gaining momentum on both in China.  So to make the HTC Salsa more appealing to the Chinese audience HTC has done away with the blue Facebook button and installed a Weibo button in it’s place. Although two Facebook phones were announced back at Mobile World Congress in February, only one has made it to the United States.  Also, last month Boy Genius Report suggested we may not see the Salsa at all. Hopefully HTC will change their minds and make that the first Google+ phone.

Source: Unwired

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