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HTC Puccini Shows Up Too…

BGR evidently had a big party this morning… Not only did they get their hands on early pics of the Samsung Galaxy S II variant coming to AT&T but they also got their hands on press pics for the upcoming HTC Puccini 10″ tablet.

There aren’t a lot of details on the HTC Puccini tablet, except what was reported earlier.  The tablet comes in the familiar 10″ form factor. Like it’s little brother the HTC Flyer, the Puccini will use a digital pen (hopefully included this time). It’s also cleared the FCC with AT&T bands and 4G/LTE.  As we stated in a previous article, AT&T is rolling out a limited 4G/LTE network this year. Hopefully this tablet has a 3G radio (or HSPA+ radio for 3.5G) as well for connectivity for the rest of AT&T’s customers.

The HTC Puccini will also be running HTC’s rebuild version of Sense for tablets. Also, Puccini is just the code name for now.

Source: BGR

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