HTC Gives Up The Goods: Source Code For The Incredible S, Desire Z and Flyer Released

First they’re the bad guy, then they’re the good guy and then there’s a shift and they’re the bad guy again.  One things if for sure about HTC and that is they respond to social media pressure.  A few months back you may recall HTC was rumored to be locking all bootloaders for their Android devices.  A very short time later HTC’s CEO Peter Chou did a complete 180 and said no they will not lock the bootloaders.

Despite the message by Peter Chou on their Facebook page the HTC Sensation 4G and the HTC Evo 3D released with locked bootloaders. Now we are very aware of why these devices came out with locked bootloaders.  Obviously, because of the timing, both devices were already in production if not on the boat on their way over here…

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So now that the developer community knows the quickest way to Peter Chou’s heart is through HTC’s Facebook page, the developer community started to mount another campaign, this time to release the source codes of some of their more recent devices.  Again, a short time later HTC has now released the source code to the Incredible S the Desire Z and the HTC Flyer.

While this means very little to the average Android user who just loves their smartphone, this is big news and a great step in the right direction for the developer community.  Android developers can now port ROMs over from these devices to others and vice versa.  There was no word on when the HTC Sensation 4G or the HTC Evo 3D source code will be available but we are sure it will be soon, and if it’s not soon enough for you just start a campaign on Facebook.

As for me, I want the sourcecode released for the HTC Status. Once that’s released a developer friend of mine is going to route that pretty blue Facebook button to Google+

Source: Phandroid

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