Happy OMAP 4th Of July Weekend

So you may have heard of the Summer of Tegra, well let me tell you something this is the OMAP 4th Of July weekend.

What’s OMAP you ask? OMAP is the Open Multimedia Applications Platform, the current semiconductor platform that is being produced by Texas Instruments.  Most everyone that is into technology, smartphones and general geekdom these days is old enough to remember the Speak & Spell, TRS-80 and the TI-81, yes Texas Instruments has been around a long time fueling our computerized electronics.

The current version of the OMAP processor is the OMAP 4, hence the clever and witty name OMAP 4th of July weekend. OMAP 4 can be found in the upcoming LG Thrill and the upcoming Motorola Droid 3.  You see aside from Apple Pie nothing is as American as the 4th of July and good ole cowboids from Texas.  That’s why this weekend is the OMAP 4th Of July Weekend.  So here’s the skinny…

Next week we are going to announce the next big big big device contest.  We’ve been giving away 4G/LTE Androids courtesy of BitBop on the Verizon Wireless Network.  Two weeks ago we gave away the most sought after Android tablet the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1  Next week you can bet your bottom dollar that we are going to give away something (s) powered by OMAP so do your research, speculate all you want but we’ll tell you next week in the meantime though how’s this for a contest.

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We’ve teamed up with Texas Instruments to bring you the Big Ass Android Homecomng to Android BBQ Bus trip, for more information visit

What are we doing this weekend?

From the second this post is published through 11:59 PM (Eastern Time on Tuesday July 5th) we are giving away one helluva weeks vacation.

First off we will fly YOU to the Android Homecoming Funfrence in Mountain View California on September 23-25th.

Then we will put you up in the luxurious Sheraton Sunnyvale the host hotel for the Android Homecoming.

Where you will go on the Friday night VIP bus trip to Google, Alcatraz and a bar crawl, and enjoy the rest of the Android Homecoming.. BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE…

Saturday morning when you wake up at the Android Homecoming Funfrence you will enjoy breakfast with some of our top media partners, a few VIP’s from the Android ecosystem and Rocco from Boondock Saints.  He will sign a few things for you and then you can geek it out with over 1000 attendees…
But wait theres more.

After the Android Homecoming you will ride the Texas Instruments bus all week long to the Big Android Barbecue in Austin Texas. Another crazy Android weekend. Finally after you’ve had all the meat you care to eat, seen the latest phones and technology twice in two weeks and just been a total geek….

We’ll fly you home from Austin.

Here’s a couple things you need to consider:

– Winner will need to get a week off of work!
– This contest is open to people in the continental US only (sorry about that but if you’re a developer theres another way to win a trip to Homecoming from outside the US)
– Your rooms for the bus ride are covered but you should bring some spending cash for the week for food and stuff.
– we will pay your admission to the Big Android Barbecue!
– we will have your travel arrangements confirmed within 14 days of winning.

So how does one enter this contest filled with Android Awesomesauce:

Tweet this message:  “Happy OMAP 4th Of July Weekend From @TXInstruments & @thedroidguy win this wknd & Watch July 6th”

Retweet this message as often as you like it does help your odds of winning.  Don’t forget to watch for another announcement July 6th from Texas Instruments & Thedroidguy

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