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Google’s LBS Google Offers Adds NYC And San Francisco

Earlier this year Google announced their Groupon competitor in their new Google Offers service. The service, which has been in BETA in Portland OR, is bringing both New York City and San Francisco on-line.

Google Offers is another great Google product that will eventually be rolled into both Google Places and Google+ harnessing the power of Google’s entire network of services.

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Like Groupon, Google targets local merchants or national merchants with location specific deals to offer great discounts to their users.  Unlike Groupon though, you don’t have to “buy in” to take advantage of Google’s offering. In talking with friends of ours at Google, that of course can’t go on the record, we found out that it won’t be too long before we see relevant Google Places and Google offers in our “nearby” feed on Google+, making it an even more robust social network.

To compliment the two new cities for Google Offers the Google Shopper app has been updated to version 2.0 and includes the ability to browse through the Google Offers.  After New York City and San Francisco Google plans to add Austin, Boston, Denver, Seattle and Washington DC to the service.

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