Google’s Eric Schmidt To Testify Before Senate Anti-Trust Committee

Eric Schmidt file photo: TDG LLC

First off lets set the record straight here we are going to tell you about Google’s Executive Chairman, Eric Schmidt and how he is set to testify before the Senate sub-committees on Anti Trust.  The privacy testimony has already come and gone where Apple and Google both testified before Al Franken and Company earlier this Spring.

With that out of the way…

Senator Herb Kohl (D-WI) is the chairman of the Senate subcommittee on anti-trust.  The subcommittee had wanted someone from Google to testify as to how big it’s grown and it’s internet dominance.  The NY Post is reporting that at first Google was reluctant to testify before that subcommittee however they have changed their position and now their government relations liason aka “Executive Chairman”, Eric Schmidt, will be doing so sometime in September.

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The Post is reporting that Google has said “Senator Kohl expressed a strong desire to have our executive chairman appear in front of the subcommittee and we’re happy to accommodate.”

Google is being accused of unlawfully stifling competitors as well as allegedly unlawfully profiting from rogue online pharmacies.  In June the Federal Trade Commission launched a broad antitrust investigation into Google’s practices. Many people across the internet feel that Google competitors are only stifled by the fact that Google brings better counter parts to their products and makes them free.

Antitrust is usually brought into the equation when the government feels one company gains too much power from an acquisition in their same space, for example the AT&T/T-Mobile merger and many times that the radio industry has bought and sold itself into other companies.  Google’s core search business was created by Google.  Google has purchased a wide variety of companies across many technologies for example Grand Central, which became Google Voice, and YouTube.  However Google hasn’t ever made a formal public bid for competing search engines like

The US Justice Department is doing an antitrust review for Google’s purchase of Admeld.  Google’s purchase of Admob last year may play into that review.

source: NY Post