Google Kills The FireFox Tool Bar

New Google CEO, and Co-Founder, Larry page has been busy eliminating projects at Google that don’t fit with their current strategy. Ever since he took over in April he’s wanted to make sure that things at Google are streamlined. In fact he told the press members and analysts on Google’s second quarter earnings call that they were “…careful stewards with shareholder of shareholder money…”

Now after being a staple on Mozilla’s FireFox browser, Google has announced it is stopping the support of the Google toolbar for Firefox after Firefox 4.  The Google tool bar for Firefox packaged Google’s signature search with quick and easy access to page translation, spell check and other features. Google has said that FireFox has many of those features built in these days so there was no sense in continuing to support the Google toolbar.

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Of course Google also has their own browser, the Chrome Browser, which is the fundamental piece in their chromebook laptops dubbed “Chromebooks”. After about a six month beta test with Google’s private label CR-4G Chromebook, Acer and Samsung have released Chromebooks of their own. These laptops have very little memory and operate solely on web based Chrome apps available via the Chrome browser. Part of an earlier vision at Google to host everything computer related in the cloud.

Google’s Chrome browser recently captured 20% of the browser market share, and at the same time Mozilla’s FireFox slipped below 30% so it’s clear that Google is eating away at Firefox’s customers.  Firefox is part of Mozilla, an open source project. Google was a key partner with Mozilla in the early days when Firefox was still in development. Some of the Mozilla engineers that worked on the Firefox project actually left Mozilla for Google and helped with the initial launch of Chrome.

Source: Silicon Alley Insider

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  1. Shame on Google for ending support for the toolbar. I have used the Google toolbar religiously for years as part of my Firefox browsing experience. They always take away the good stuff.

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