Google+ Hitting 18 Million Users As iOS Joins The Party

Just before Google’s CEO Larry Page officially announced that Google’s new social network Google+ has 10 million users we told you about a study that Paul Allen, Founder of, was doing. By using some pretty unorthodox methods Allen was able to come to the conclusion that there were 10 million Google+ users, the next day Page confirmed it.

Well by using Allen’s, still unorthodox method, he has determined that there are now 18 million Google+ users, less than a week later.

Allen’s method involves using the number of people with a surname and matching them against the same surnames on Google+. Of course one of the flaws in the system is those Blogs, sites and other businesses that aren’t using real names. At this point my Google+ profile actually falls into that category as well as those using Twitter handles to make themselves easier to find. However in light of the fact that Page confirmed Allen’s findings on the Google 2nd quarter earnings call, CNET is reporting Allen said:

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“I suppose my model could be overstating the actual user count by 30-35 percent,” Allen said in his Google+ post. “But if Google+ actually hit 10 million a day or two before the formal announcement, then my model may still be spot on.”

According to Allen’s research Google+ only added 763,000 people on Monday, which was the lowest since they opened up the invitation process. This could stem from the fact that Google has done no official marketing for Google+ yet. It could also be from the fact that the “newness” is starting to wear off.¬†¬† Again, Allen’s research isn’t foolproof.

Google added the Google+ app for iPhone users yesterday so now we get to see how many iPhone users are as stoked as Android users about joining Google’s social network.

Source: CNET