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Google+ Gets Another Update Adding Some Widely Requested Features


Google+ has just received another update in the Android Market, this time receiving some key features. A lot of people have been begging for a way to customize what circles you view in the main stream. Adding a lot of people to G+ is fun, but the stream can get overwhelming if not managed. Google put a stop to this issue, and now you can swipe between your different streams.

Another big thing is the ability to add full circles to Huddles. Up until now you had to add every person¬†individually, but G+ is again simplified with this update. You can set who you want to Huddle with you as well, and also dismiss Huddles from those whom you’ve never Huddled with before. They also have fixed the Swype issue and a few minor improvements. Google proves to be on the ball with the service and app, but it’s still not perfect. Check out my initial impression of the G+ app for some ways it can improve. Besides a few issues, Google is doing a great job, and I really hope they keep it up.

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