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Google Enhances Search For Tablets

Google announced, in a small blog entry, that they’ve started to optimize the Google search experience for tablets.  This revamp includes making things bigger, and easier to tap.

The newly optimized Google search for tablets includes a search box which provides quick access to image, video, places, news and shopping results.  They’ve also increased the size of the text and buttons to make it easier to tap on the tablet.  Google has also made enhancements to image results.  They’ve increased the size of image results and image previews. Google has also implemented continuous scroll and faster loading thumbnails.

Google has announced that the enhanced version of Google Search for tablets will be available on Android tablets 3.1+ and the iPad in 36 different languages. Google has announced that it will be available in the coming days however their blog says to go ahead and try it now. So go try it.

Source: Google’s Blog

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