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Google+ Android App Gets Updated

Yesterday when I reviewed the Google+ Android app, I said that I thought it was good, but there was still some room for improvement. As always, Google is on top of things and decided the app wasn’t perfect yet. An update for Google+ was just pushed to the Android Market sporting two things, one of which has really had people complaining.

The first of which is a new profile icon. When the app was first launched everything looked pretty and seemed on par with each other, but evidently Google thought they could make some UI changes, and now that I see it I agree. The profile icon was a little on the large side when the app launched, and now it is smaller and rounded, giving the main menu a uniform feel. The app also has some “minor UI polish” which really doesn’t seem to be jumping out at me. The app already was pretty smooth and polished, but even though I didn’t notice anything, Google is clearly working hard to make this app the best possible.

The last thing in the update is something people have been asking for since the launch: multiple accounts. Google added the ability to choose between your accounts at first sign-in, giving those with several Gmails a way to use the app with the account they want. Nerds everywhere are applauding. Google is still improving the Google+ itself, and they sure aren’t leaving the app in the dust. Stay tuned to TheDroidGuy for more updates and news about this exciting new product

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