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Gingerbread Finds Its Way To Sprint Galaxy Tabs

Of course we all remember the OG Galaxy Tab. Earlier this week we reported that Gingerbread would be gracing this bad boy on July 5th, and the screenshot above confirms the update. Samsung’s newly launched Tab 10.1 is running Honeycomb, which is a version of Android made specifically for tablets. This is something that has not graced the original Tab. However, SprintFeed has their hands on a leaked photo confirming that the original Tab is getting Gingerbread. Sure, it’d be nice to see Honeycomb, but given the tablet is only 7 inches, it’s not nearly as much of a downside as a larger 10 inch tablet having FroYo or Gingerbread.

Either way, Sprint Galaxy Tab users will be excited to see that the update is, in fact, rolling out now, and should reach everyone in the time period of four days. This is good news, firstly because everyone loves OS updates, and secondly because it’s great to see Samsung still supporting their smaller, older brother of the fancy new Tab 10.1. This also makes the Galaxy Tab the second 7 inch tablet (the first being the HTC Evo View) with Gingerbread on Sprint’s network. These two tablets also accompany the Motorola Xoom, giving Sprint users many options when it comes to tablets. If you have an OG Tab with Sprint and haven’t already gotten the update, be sure to “Update Android” in your system settings. Stay tuned to TheDroidGuy for more coverage on everything Android.

Source: SprintFeed

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