Get Duke Nukem Forever Free With NVIDIA 3D Vision Kits

Just in case you forgot NVIDIA isn’t just about dual core Tegra chipsets. In fact they are about high performance computing anywhere you turn, and this is no different…

Duke Nukem has officially been around for 20 years and as you probably know Duke Nukem Forever is the latest version. What began as an MS-DOS hit back in 1991 is now a full blown, graphic intensive 3D fest of blood, guts and glory.

What better way to enjoy Duke Nukem than in 3D with NVIDIA’s 3D Vision wireless glasses kit. ¬†NVIDIA started bundling Duke Nukem Forever free with their 3D Vision wireless glasses kit at the end of June. ¬†You can still pick these kids up from places like,, Best Buy etc, however NVIDIA warns that this is a limited time offer, so really if you’ve been dying to upgrade GeForce PC with 3D Vision now is the time to do it.

Source: NVIDIA Blog

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