Fruit Ninja Free Now In The Android Market

The fine folks at Half Brick Studios, creators of Fruit Ninja, have released a free version of their hit game to the Android Market. The new ad supported game has the same functionality as the paid one, but of course with ads in tow.  Fruit Ninja is one of the most popular mobile games after Rovio Mobile’s Angry Birds.

Fruit Ninja regularly costs $1.27 for the ad free version and $3.20 for the Tegra 2 optimized version, Fruit Ninja HD.

Earlier in the week we told you about a partnership from FunMobility and Half Brick where you can trick out your FunChat account with Fruit Ninja backgrounds and avatars. You can also purchase Fruit Ninja licensed apparel from your neighborhood Hot Topic.  It’s branding like this and their easy and addictive game play, that makes Fruit Ninja so popular.  Now with a free version we can expect to see a whole lot more sliced up fruit.

source: Phandroid

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  1. now this game will easily climb up free charts….anyways….i dont regret having purchased this earlier…..playing since august’10

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