Ford Ditching CD Players?

The first car I remember ever riding is was a Datsun station wagon my parents had and it had an 8 track player.  Then we got the next technology in our next car, a cassette player with auto reverse.  Of course we’ve had our share of cars with CD players, but now Ford is starting to initiate a change we all saw coming.

Sheryl Connelly, Ford’s Manager For Global Trends and Futuring told Digital Music News;

“The in-car CD player – much like pay telephones – is destined to fade away in the face of exciting new technology.”

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Ford has announced that starting next year they will remove the CD player in some models as a standard. In exchange you will find a USB outlet for your thumb drives and mp3 players.  Ford is also working with developers and vendor partners on ways to do digital cloud based music storage and internet streaming in-dash.

The Ford Focus will be the first Ford vehicle that will come without a CD player, although Ford multimedia executives made sure to point out that a CD player was still available as an option.  Ford’s Multi Media Manager Ralf Brosig said “Over time we expect customer preferences will lead us quickly into an all-digital approach to in-car audio entertainment.”

Source: Radio World

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  1. I bought a satellite radio almost 10 years ago.  Can’t remember the last time I popped
    in a CD

  2. Thumb drive support too? Sweet. The cloud thing, I don’t care about. I do like the idea of being able to plug in any drive with MP3s on it and just being able to play them.

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