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FCC Clears The HTC Puccini 10″ Tablet

Androidcentral is reporting by way of Engadget that the FCC has just cleared HTC’s 10″ tablet codenamed “Puccini”.

All that the FCC filing could tell us is that the HTC Puccini is headed to a GSM carrier (possibly AT&T) and has a 4G/LTE radio as well.  AT&T plans to light up five major cities with 4G/LTE by the end of the year.  Perhaps AT&T plans on releasing the Puccini as a 3G/4G tablet and as they light up more of their 4G/LTE network buyers can utilize the 4G/LTE network, who knows.

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There’s also no 3D cameras in the mock up and as we saw with the HTC Flyer, the version of Android that it will run is anyones guess, as are the special features. Remember the HTC Flyer incorporates a digital pen that’s unique to HTC and gives users a better note taking, drawing and art experience. We can also expect HTC’s tablet version of Sense on the new device as well as HTC’s movie library. Those features were announced at Mobile World Congress and weren’t specific to the 7″ fluer.

Although we have nothing to go on more than the code name, Puccini is a famous operatic composer, could HTC have some music creation features that we haven’t seen on an Android device yet?  As I’ve said for a long time now, as a former professional DJ/producer, the only place the iPad kicks Android’s ass is in music creation.

source: Android Central, Engadget

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