Facebook Going Into The News App Business To Compete With G+?

Facebook is planning to launch a new news apps service as part of Facebook.  Facebook is designing applications to run within Facebook for several well known news outlets. Forbes is reporting that CNN, The Daily and the Washington Post are already set up to be launch partners for Facebook’s new news service dubbed “Facebook Editions”

The New York Times is holding out on Facebook citing problems with Facebook’s paywall. The Wall Street Journal and NY Post are obviously going through their own problems right now.

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Severally nationally recognized news brands already incorporate a Facebook like button and a Facebook page, however with Facebook editions they plan to merge it all together, I’d imagine in a similar way to what a Google+ business page would look like.

With the decline in circulation among print publications, the ones that want to survive need to have not only an online strategy but a social media strategy as well. Several outlets already look to Facebook and Twitter to get that competitive edge. Services like take it one step further and allow users to actually report the news.  Back in prints heyday people often considered the news cycle a 15 minute news cycle or 15 minutes of fame. As more and more newspapers took to the web they dropped it down to a 5 minute news cycle, nowadays we’re talking seconds at best.  To keep the news alive comments, Facebook and Twitter are the keys to survival. Of course Google+ as well as soon as they open to businesses and websites.

DigitalTrends is reporting that Google is already in talks with publishers about a similar content offering.  An unnamed executive told Forbes that Google would partner with “selected publishers that would offer up the choicest stories they were working on.”  It’s obvious that the rest of 2011 and 2012 are going to pit the two giant companies against each other. Google’s CEO Larry Page reported on their last earnings call that Google+ already had 10 million users.  An early estimate by suggested the same number at the same time and then went on to add that by this week there would be 20 million users. While Facebook has over 750 million registered users, Google+ is ramping up at a much quicker rate.

Source: Digital Trends

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