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Droid TV Fixed For Prime Time Subscribers, Now Available To New Subscribers Too

The developers at PVRcom LLC had come up with a great DVR type tv app for Android. It was simple and easy to use.  Droid TV gave you a tv guide of shows that you could select and you could record the episodes that you want or elect to record the whole season and as new episodes of your favorite shows release, they are downloaded to your phone.

There were two versions of Droid TV, the free version had the usual gamit of shows that every “free” website can offer without penalty or for $8.99 for six months you could download Droid TV Primetime and it opened up the available titles ten fold.  Droid TV includes shows from all the major networks and all the major cable networks including SyFy and USA.

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Droid TV was similar to Power Amp in that you got the free version than once you paid for the full version it simply upgraded the original free version. In other words the “paid app” was nothing more than a receipt for your payment as far as the app on your phone was concerned.  So if you paid for Droid TV Prime Time you needed the free version to actually watch the shows. On June 28th we reported that the free version had gone AWOL from the Android Market.

Normal PrimeTime subscribers who had downloaded the free version weren’t screwed however if you just got a new phone or did a factory reset on a phone with Droid TV, you couldn’t find the free version in the Android Market and for a few weeks this meant no Droid TV.

The Developers have remedied that situation now in an update to Droid TV Prime Time by packaging the original version with the paid app. So if you are a subscriber you can reinstall the “Primetime” version and it has the complete app in it.  They’ve also allowed no subscribers to purchase the subscription based app and download the whole package as well. Although $8.99 sounds like a lot for an app the 9 bucks is good for 6 months.

While Netflix and Hulu are great the advantage to Droid TV Prime Time is that it downloads the shows to your phone locally, usually when you aren’t even thinking about it, and it downloads them according to your settings, so set it, forget it and watch it later. Also although the developers say it isn’t optimized for honeycomb tablets, it’s looking fine on the Toshiba Thrive.


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  1. I have a subscription. I also have a new tablet. How do I get the subscription moved to new Tablet? I have tried everything.

  2. Good morning I have three life time subscriptions two are working fine but one I have lose because ofthe tab it was downloaded on just stopped working. How can I move it to a new device? Thanks

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