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Dell’s Hoping The Third Times A Charm

Pictures of the upcoming Dell Streak 10 Pro have finally shown up on the internet.  Dell’s 10″ Honeycomb tablet will be their third try with an Android tablet.

The first Dell Streak, the 5″ version, was available by direct fulfillment from Dell and used AT&T’s 3G network.  Their next version was 7″ and was sold by T-Mobile both online and in T-Mobile’s retail stores.  Neither of Dell’s previous tablets really took off. Now Dell is back at it with a 10″ tablet and hopefully this one will become widely adopted, but it’s not going to be easy.

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Currently there is a wide variety of 10″ Honeycomb tablets.  For some the only differentiator may be brand loyalty.  From tablet to tablet in the 10″ Honeycomb variety there are only a host of small features that can make the difference. Dell’s 10″ tablet seems to have nothing screaming out that it’s different than any other except for the fact it’s made by Dell. If their history with Android tablets is any indication, the Dell name may not be as valuable as they are banking on.

The rest of the specs look like they could be carbon copied from a host of other 10″ Honeycomb tablets; 10.1″ display, 1280×800 pixel resolution, GPS, WiFi, 5mp Camera on the back, 2mp front-facing camera, 1gb of RAM, dual core NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor. (see what we mean?).

I remember last year sitting around a tablet at IFA in Berlin arguing with other journalists about the plight of laptop manufacturers building Android tablets. We had all seen the Toshiba Folio earlier in the day and some of us were discouraged by their first offering.  Laptop manufacturers, have an advantage over some of the phone manufacturers in that they are used to building products with business in mind.

Both Acer and Toshiba came out of the gate with Android tablets that offered a built in USB port to attach accessories and storage devices.  Toshiba took it a few steps further by adding a full size SD card slot, full size HDMI port, user changeable battery, tight grip back and a file manager.

Another laptop manufacturer, Lenovo, is hoping to one up the Thrive with a 3 in 1 card reader in addition to a full size usb slot. Lenovo makes the ThinkPad which they bought the branding for from IBM in 2005.

If Dell markets their 10″ tablet right they may be able to overcome their first to shortcomings… Toshiba did

Source: Unwired

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